If ever there was a reason to work Smart Not Hard, it’s being a single mum. No amount of Panadol or hugs from a nana can match mum staying at home, giving you cuddles.

So today, my daughter was sick, and because I haven’t finished organising the house after our move – I had to go into a clients office for a few hours and leave her with my mum (and aunt who is also staying). Not a happy little girl, but staff not getting paid is a biggie.

Now normally, I am organised enough – and yes, have Smart Systems in place, so I can do this kind of thing from anywhere – hey I did wages by a pool in Bali last year. That’s what things like Go To My PC and Dropbox are for…..why oh why did I not practise what I preach and be ready for today???

Because you always think you’ll have time. It’s human nature, I’ll finish on the weekend, I’m too busy, I can do that when I go in…..blah blah blah. Reality check Samantha Leith. Your daughter comes first, so make sure you are set up (as you were 4 weeks ago) to do anything, from anywhere.

It wasn’t such a big deal, I was home by 1pm and she loved my cuddles on the couch for the afternoon. When she was asleep, I made sure I finished setting up my iMac with the upgrade for Parallels and Go To My PC. problem solved. If I hadn’t put that off, I could have been home all day.

Question, people – what simple little thing have you been putting off that might bite you in the bum one day? Would your income still flow and the business carry on, if you had to take time off for a sick child, parent, partner – or even yourself? Income protection insurance etc is very important in those circumstances, but often it’s the simplest system that, if in place, would make everything still run smoothly.

Part of running my own business, especially feeding on my passion to help others have a life not a job in their own business, is that I always wanted to be there when my daughter needed me. I wasn’t today, and I did not like it, not one bit.

My clients are very important, but, my business can be run from anywhere at any time of the day or night – that’s the point of a lifestyle business. So tomorrow, if she’s still sick I can finish those reports, talk to some new clients, do some more unpacking and be here for my daughter if she needs me.