A community of Dreamers, Believers, Action Takers,
and Achievers.

The Club is the place for people with an ache in their heart for something more to come and connect. A home away from home, where you can get the guidance, tools and coaching needed for you to Be Extraordinary. To set & achieve goals, develop success habits, learn to manage your mind, discover what you are truly capable of and make the most of this extraordinary thing called life.

It’s Personal Development, but not as you know it.

Are you ready to be the
Extraordinary person
you were born to be
before life got in the way?


The life you have always dreamed of is easier than you think.

Personal Development isn’t about ticking boxes to be a cookie cutter person. It’s about YOU being clear on who YOU are. Showing up every single day as only you can.

Living the life YOU want to live, starts with you having an Extraordinary relationship with YOURSELF.

Are you feeling helpless about not living the life you imagined?
• Sometimes you think it’s all ‘fake it till you make it’.
• You have a deep knowing that there’s so much more you can achieve.

Are you frustrated by not being seen, heard & remembered?
• People say you have ‘so much talent’ but it doesn’t translate into more sales or opportunities.
• You worry that you won’t leave your mark on the world.


★ You woke up every day knowing exactly what you needed to do to reach your goals.
★ You inspired the people around you to be more expansive.
★ You expected nothing less than living up to your full potential.

It is all possible, and I’m here to guide you.

It is all possible, and I’m here to guide you.



Life isn’t a dress rehearsal, so we better make the most of it – right now!

My mission is to help people to become truly extraordinary in life. I do this by helping them to raise the curtain on their X Factor, building their confidence to transform into the best version of themselves.

I’ve been a single mum since pregnancy and now 17 years later I am incredibly proud of the life I have built for us, all whilst being exactly the type of mum I wanted to be.

With a varied career over the last 30 years: I’ve sung with just about everyone (from The Australian Opera to MC Hammer), worked as a Business Coach & Sales Manager, Life Coach & Accountant. You could also spot me as a judge on the Channel 7 TV show All Together Now with Ronan Keating & Julia Zemiro.

Most of the people I work with have already achieved what some might say is amazing in business and life, but they feel there is something more and are ready to go to the next level. We connect well because I bring a balance of creativity and practicality (woo woo with an analytical rising) and hold people accountable to get stuff done.

I became obsessed with personal development because I was so unhappy.
I spent years in numbness.

I got to over 135kgs because I was so scared to face my feelings!
When I started taking all the tit bits I’d learned from experts in the world, added coach training and then actually implemented the gems, my life changed. I made decisions that directly impacted myself, those closest to me and my clients.
Life truly started being Extraordinary and yours can too.

Let me guess…

You’ve achieved lots by many people’s standards but as the clock is ticking on your life, and as you witness changes in the world around you, you struggle.

You know there is so much more to your life, you can feel it deep down, but you are stuck in a cycle of self-doubt and make excuses for not doing all those things on your list.

You’ve read the books and been to the seminars, yet you haven’t transformed those big ideas into tactical & practical steps that have seen you ticking off those fabulous pictures on your vision board.

Well then, The Club is the
right place for you.

The Club is here to help you move from overwhelmed to on purpose, from taking inconsistent action to taking powerful action and from feeling underwhelmed by life to feeling extraordinary.

Personal Development isn’t a one and done deal.  We don’t wake up one day and say ‘I’m developed’ – I know, because it was what I was searching for.  That one amazing book, guru or conference that had me done and dusted.  No, it’s a continual journey, one I am very grateful for.

The Club is where we continue that journey, together and it all starts with you making the decision that you are so very worth it. You see, you are worthy of everything that’s in your heart regardless of what has come before this moment, and I can’t wait to see what you can achieve.

Maybe you think you’ve done it all before; worked with a coach, watched countless YouTube videos, subscribed to a gazillion newsletters, wrote in your journal and chanted sweet nothings into a mirror whilst really regretting that 36 hour fast.

It didn’t work.

Your motivation waned.

Life didn’t change.

You didn’t wake up at your perfect size with dreamboat lover beside you and staff to bring you a Frappuccino.  Heck, you didn’t even wake up feeling grateful for your boring as F job with enough willpower to head out for a 30min walk.

There’s nothing wrong with you.  It’s so common.

Chances are you were chasing some ideal of success that you had bought into, a dream not of your own.  Let me tell you – that shit never works.

It’s time for you to have a coach and a community that is designed for you to do you.

No judgement.

No 4am battle cries.

Remember that those life coaches you follow on social media who seem to never have a hair out of place, be in a grumpy mood and look like they stepped out of an episode of Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous are human too. You simply see their curated life now, not the rollercoaster ride that they went on to get there or the speedhumps that rattle them on a regular basis.

So stop beating yourself up for not being ‘there’ yet.

I hope there is no ‘there’.

Life is a growth journey we are always on, and I’d love for you to come with me.

I’m human. I F up. I get down (and I get up again). Life is 50/50 and nobody is perfect – so stop being disappointed because you aren’t.

The Club is where I distil all that I learn and work on, all that I stuff up and improve on and all that I discover and want to share. I guess it’s a little like having cliffs notes, a cheer squad, a life coach, and a goal friend all at the end of your phone or computer.

The foundation of The Club is the X Factor Framework, after which you can pick and choose from a plethora of unlocked modules as you like, join the live coaching calls and jump in a topic specific pod to go even deeper.


I know you may be thinking – but Sam, why can’t I go straight into working on my abundance mindset?  If you jump on in and see everything, you may go into total overwhelm and think you must do everything or you maybe you won’t be able to decide what to conquer first, so won’t do anything.

Please stick with me here. This is not me being a bossy so and so, telling you what to do. This is me sharing what worked for me and my clients so we could move forward and take on so much more.


The Details

When you sign up for The Club, you’ll receive immediate access to Module 1 of the X Factor Framework. The next modules will become available to you each week over 12 weeks. Why 12 weeks? Great question, thanx for asking. This roadmap has been designed to have you doing the work while you’re living your life. So, it’s in bite sized chunks to help you action everything you’ve worked on, and not feel overwhelmed!

Some people ❤️ all the nuts and bolts, so here are the details for the X Factor Framework:


Living a life with less confusion and doubt is all based on Clarity. In these modules you will create the blueprint needed for your Extraordinary life.

Module 1: The Passion Test

Discover your top 5 passions
Learn the 3 step formula for creating anything you want in your life
Discover the ONE SECRET that will ensure that you’ll always live a life that’s aligned with your passions
Come away with 3 tools that you can use immediately to move closer to your passions
Have defined what your life will be like when you are fully living your passions


Module 2: Values

★ Nail your top 10 values
★ Have the tools to be able to use your values to stay on track with your goals
★ Learn the tiny trick to improve your effectiveness dealing with others whilst staying true to your values
★ Discover the ‘How’ that drives you
★ Craft Vision and Mission statements to usher you through life

Module 3: Vision & Mission

Uncover the ‘Why’ that inspires you
Use a simple framework to create your personal vision statement
Understand how to build rapport in a virtual world
Know how to challenge yourself and make an amazing first impression


Imagine never doubting your abilities or worth. These modules are designed to have you showing up owning who you are and being a living example of what’s possible.

Module 4: Goal Setting

★ Learn a simple & proven method for goal setting
★ Nut out your most audacious goal (and believe you’ll do it)
★ Celebrate your past successes
★ Create goals for each area of your life
★ Decide, plan and take action on your 30day, 1year, 3year and 10year goals


Module 5: Daily Habits

★ How to master the daily habits needed for continued momentum
★ Get honest about the habits holding you back and learn how to change them
★ Set yourself up for success by understanding the obstacles you face
★ The sometimes unsexy habits you need to instill for success
★ Get started on 5 new fabulous and achievable habits straight away


Module 6: Confidence Stack

★ Understand my signature 12 piece Confidence Stack
★ Have tools to keep each piece strong even on your worst days
★ Choose the 1 thing you need to work on today that’s sabotaging your success
★ Discover the biggest mistake people make about ‘being confident’
★ Get the process to take you from Blah to Wow in an instant


Your ability to act in spite of fear, with increased mental strength & resilience will take you from feeling like you’ve failed somehow to feeling like you can go after your wildest dreams.


Module 7: Foundations of Courage

★ Understand the 6 types of courage
★ Get clear on the characteristics of courage successful people tap into everyday
★ Complete a courage audit, celebrate your wins and compassionately look at your misses
★ Track your courage for 7 days to develop a courageous mindset
★ Harness your ability to stay quietly courageous in your daily life


Module 8: Fears and Beliefs

★ Create your Fear List and even overcome some during the process
★ Look at the biggest fear holding you back and develop the plan to nail that sucker
★ Take a deep dive into your beliefs and flip the ones that aren’t serving you
★ Develop your own personal Creed, a transformational manifesto for your success
★ Learn the 3 questions you need to ask yourself to go from no action to action on your goals


Module 9: Boundaries

★ Understand the different types of boundaries and why you need them
★ Master the art of creating a boundary you can enforce
★ Uncover where you need better boundaries in your life
★ Get skilled in communicating your boundaries with ease
★ Learn the 6 keys for facing boundary challenges


We need people in both our personal and professional lives, so developing the skill of inspiring and influencing others, to make them ‘feel’ is crucial for success.

Module 10: Charisma Essentials

★ Discover the 4 types of charisma and how to harness yours
★ Understand the requirements you need to nail to be more magnetic
★ Boost your charisma in 7 Days
★ Learn how to be more charismatic in an instant
★ Know how to conquer obstacles and leave a lasting impression


Module 11: Rapport and Communication

★ Learn the Rapport Rumba
★ Use a simple framework to have transformational conversations
★ Get the keys to connect both socially and emotionally to others


Module 12: Your Message

★ Put the pieces together and perfect your personal & professional introduction
★ Discover the art of storytelling with a purpose
★ Write and master your 5 go to stories
★ Get my secret hack for modifying your message and stories for any situation
★ Leave your comfort zone behind and introduce the Extraordinary you to the world

 My promise to you is that this is not like anything else you’ve ever joined. 
 The Club is the game changer you have been searching for. 

 Mastering these 4 key elements of the X Factor Framework 
 will having you seeing extraordinary change in your life 
 and make your Personal Development journey even more successful. 

Deepen your Clarity

★ Get more done
★ Push through doubt
★ Design your wildest goals
★ Smash confusion
★ Live a passion filled life

Uplevel your Confidence

★ Believe in yourself
★ Silence your insecurities
★ Take control of your life
★ Own who you are
★ Propel yourself forward fast

Pump up your Courage

★ Master your emotions to face your fears
★ Be comfortable with being uncomfortable
★ Embrace change
★ Stand up for what you believe in
★ Make brave a habit

Nail your Charisma

★ Connect with people in an instant
★ Speak with authenticity, warmth & competence
★ Communicate dynamically in any situation
★ Inspire others to take action
★ Get comfortable with open and intuitive body language

What else is included in
The Club?

Each month we dive deeper into a different theme. As months go by, you’ll have access to the lesson(s) and accompanying workbooks. All neatly curated into areas of your life that you may want to work on after doing a Life Audit. Here are a few of the themes you can look forward to digging into:

★ Identity
★ Love
★ Creativity
★ Body Confidence
★ Boundaries
★ Money Mindset
★ Daily Success Habits
★ Manifestation
★ Willpower
★ Overcoming procrastination
★ Friendship
★ Goal Setting
★ Parenting

Importantly, you’ll be part of a growing community of people, who just like you want to Be, Do and Have more.


If you’re ready to

dramatically change your life,

then all that’s left to do is decide which membership option works best for you.
My gift to you is 14 days free then simply choose from the following:

You can stay where you are or you can get the coaching and tools you need to be the Extraordinary person you were born to be, right now within The Club.

Let’s go!