Colourful Jenga stack describing parts of Self to make up The Confidence Stack
The Confidence Stack is made up of 12 pieces of self that you can master. Master these 12 and the world can crumble around you, you’ll be ok. Master these 12 and start falling in one, you’ll be ok.


Accepting who you are without question; success, failures, talents, faults, lumps bumps and all.



Knowing your need & wants and how to speak up for yourself because of your intrinsic worth.



Your ability to manage your mind, your impulses, behaviours, actions and feelings.



A muscle you build, enabling you to stay controlled and focused your goals or tasks.



The belief you have in your abilities and skills – your overall belief in your ability to succeed.



The general opinion you have of yourself – what you value and appreciate of yourself.



How you express who your most authentic self is. Speech, body language, dress, actions, physical environment and more.



Our eternal work on the road to Self-Actualization as per Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.



Seeing, knowing and understanding our thoughts, feelings, desires and impulses, clearly and objectively. Why we do what we do and why we are who we are.



Holding your own well-being in high regard. Appreciating yourself and treating yourself with kindness & respect. Remembering you get the oxygen mask first.



Those inner voices Negative Nancy, Penelope Positive, Silly Sally that we all have. The conversations in your mind that shine a light on what you really think.



Knowing the absolute value and worthiness of who you are, not based on what you do. The unconditional value you have for yourself.


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