Yes, I’m telling you what to do…arghgh. Shock horror.

I have a theory. That is that your car needs servicing and your house needs servicing etc – but so many people neglect to ‘service’ themselves. Now don’t get dirty on me here. I mean servicing our brains and our souls.

I believe everyone needs a coach or therapist of some kind. For me, I’ve tried them all. Over the years I’ve had a Business Coach, Life Coach and Psychiatrist – you get the picture. Each one for a different reason and for a different place in my life. ALL of them have helped in some way. You can’t expect miracles from them, but if you are willing to be responsible for your own actions whilst seeing them, I promise you will see changes in your life and business.

Your Business Coach will become one of the (if not the most) important members of your team!!!!

First you have to find a good Business Coach to work with (hint hint, I would be one of them). Now, don’t just go looking for the one who has the prettiest web site, the most testimonials, the best price or the sexiest office. Go for one that really gels with you. You see, the most important factor in this, is the relationship between you and your Business Coach. Be careful though – you don’t want a Business Coach that is just like a buddy. They won’t be able to be totally transparent, or hold you accountable at the level you need.

So here are my Top 5 Reasons you need a Business Coach NOW!
1/ They can help you see the Big Picture for your business.
2/ They can help you develop plans and set goals to get you there.
3/ They can help make you accountable for the actions you take towards your business goals.
4/ They will listen and give you great words of wisdom based on their experience.
5/ They will believe in you and challenge you to reach your greatest potential.

The greats of the world have all had coaches or mentors or some kind…..Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, Celine Dion to name a couple. The truth is, you simply can’t get to where you want to be (and have the potential to be) by yourself. At one point I did believe that you could – it might just take a little longer….bullshit. I honestly, don’t think you can get there alone.

The type of coach you need also depends on where you are…..If you are just starting your business you needs might be different to when you are a few years in.

If you are looking for some coaching feel free to book a Diva Date and we can have a chat about where you are and what you need.