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The Passion Test

The Passion Test is a SYSTEM (and I love those). Save Yourself Time Energy and Money by discovering your top passions, which will give you amazing insights into your personal destiny and help you create the life you want. Knowing these passions makes every decision you make in life so much simpler!!!   The Passion Test will help you understand what matter to you in all areas of your life – work, health, relationships and more!!! Learn More

My Goal Friend

I know how hard it is to reach a goal.  When was the last time someone really had your back? I mean really had it. You know the kind of person that knows where you are going, how your are going to get there and wants to be there clapping at the finish line for you!!!!  My Goal Friend is a 90 Day Goal Setting and Accountability program designed to help you get what you want, when you want it. Learn More

Diva Day

We start with coffee and end with champagne. What I mean is we start the day looking at where you are and end with the celebration of where you are going & how you are going to get there. Too simplified? OK. It’s an intensive day of 1:1 coaching that will transform your business & life. A Diva Day is tailored specifically to your needs – and it can be anywhere in the world! Working from my business and/or personal development Toolbox, by the end of your Diva Day you will know you really are Limitless. Learn More

Raise  the Curtain on Your X Factor

There are some people that can walk into any room, or on to any stage and they have that je ne sais quoi – certain little something that you know will get them to where they want to be. They seem to be able to talk to anyone, working the crowd and energising the space around them. I believe this X Factor is not just about talent. It’s about having Confidence, developing your Charisma, showing Courage and Communicating your message powerfully. Learn More


The Passion Test for Business Go for Goal’d, Dream, Believe, Act and Achieve as well as Raise the Curtain on Your X Factor are all available as 3-hour intensives or longer workshops. The mix of Education, Empowerment & Entertainment is brought to you as an Experience to remember. Engaging your staff, bringing out the best in them and encouraging them to stay & excel is what these programs are all about. Learn More