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Hi I’m Samantha Leith

I want to shout from the rooftops, or sing on the biggest stage “You can be in business and have a life”. I’m a passionate believer in people being able to do what they want in life – with work and personal time.

My life has been a yellow brick road of singing, sales, finance and small business management which has made me a great Business & Life Coach, Speaker and well, some call me the Entrepreneurial Diva…..have a read if you dare.

I started my working life as a professional singer. Being the arts the income was never fantastic, even when I was working 5 nights a week, or on in front of 10,000 people!!! So I supplemented my income by doing other things. Not only did this make me fantastic at Time and Project Management, it gave me the opportunity to try lots of things as I wasn’t stuck on the one career path – a good thing being a Gemini.


Entertainment, Education, Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and Experience

My ingredients for Extraordinary Business & Life.

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Dream, Believe, Act & Achieve.

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